02/19/2018 - 4 women arrested for assaulting homicide witnesses

Last night at approx. 9:00 PM, deputies and investigators were still on the scene of the homicide incident at 121 Old Canaan Rd., Spartanburg, SC, 29306, when they observed and heard a commotion at 142 Old Canaan Rd. Upon arrival, they detained 4 suspects who were assaulting 2 witnesses in the homicide case. The suspects are as follows:

1.      Ritasia Licure Carson, B/F, DOB: 051299, 180 S. Pinelake Dr., Apt. 14-A, Spartanburg, SC, 29306

2.      Kaliana Tucora Johnson, B/F, DOB: 111298, 142 Old Canaan Rd., Spartanburg, SC, 29306

3.      Kiernan Kershaw, B/F, DOB: 121197, 508 Wingo St., Lot 15, Roebuck, SC, 29376

4.      Alexis Warden, B/F, DOB: 032000, 501 Hilda St., Spartanburg, SC, 29306

Both victims had visible injuries of the assault. All 4 suspects were arrested and transported to the detention facility, where a uniform patrol sergeant presented the case to a magistrate judge. That judge approved warrants on all 4 suspects for Assault and Battery by a Mob 3rd degree (2 counts) and Intimidation of a Witness (2 counts). All 4 suspects are still incarcerated at present.