Criminal Investigations Division

Criminal Investigations Commander


Captain Steve Cooper 


Criminal Investigators 

Investigations Section (Detectives) is responsible for the comprehensive, follow-up investigation of criminal offenses occurring within Spartanburg County and identifying, apprehending and assisting in the prosecution of criminal offenders.

Phone:  (864) 503-4600

Criminal Investigations Lieutenant

Lt William Gary


Violent Crimes Division

Lieutenant Brandon Letterman


1st Sgt. Paul Norris


Property Crimes

Sgt. Brad Newton - (864) 503-4609  

Sgt Phllip Wilkie - (864) 503-4580

Computer Forensics

Investigator James Britt (864) 503-4590

Fraud Unit 

Welcome to the Fraud Unit of the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office. The Unit consists of one Sergeant and three Investigators. Fraud applies to incidents that are both criminal and civil in nature. The Unit only investigates incidents that are criminal. Not every incident where somebody wrongs someone is considered criminal, especially in the world of fraud. In those incidents the Civil Court is the proper place to seek resolution.  In criminal investigations the Unit does not have the authority to recover money for victims that were obtained through a criminal offense. Financial restitution is handled by the Solicitor’s Office and the Court System. The purpose of the police investigation is to obtain enough evidence for a prosecution against the defendant. The following is just some of the incidents the Unit investigates:

                Identity Theft

                Credit Card Fraud



                Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

                Internet Based Financial Crimes

                Breach of Trust

                Counterfeit Goods

Click here for questions about fraud cases. 

Contact Information:

Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office

Fraud Unit

8045 Howard St

Spartanburg, SC 29303

Office: 864-503-4600

Fax: 864-503-4689

Sgt Tony Brown


Sr Inv Dominick Baird


Inv William Schall


Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit is responsible for investigating all sex related crimes and all abuse cases. The Unit consists of one Sergeant and three Investigators. The personnel in this Unit are trained in advanced investigative techniques relating to the unique and complex investigations of sex related crimes. They are also responsible for investigating juvenile and elder abuse cases. The Unit works closely with the Department of Social Services and the Spartanburg Children’s Advocacy Center.

If you are a mandated reporter or from another agency and need to make a referral please email Sgt Tracy Moss  -

Contact Information

Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office

Special Victims Unit

8045 Howard St

Spartanburg, SC 29303

Office: 864-503-4600

Fax: 864-503-4689

Sgt Tracy Moss


Inv Elizabeth Renneker


Inv Michael Turner


 Inv Tiffany Hill


Narcotics Division 

Narcotics Tip Line: (864) 595-5403

Crime Scene Unit 

The Crime Scene Unit is responsible for responding to all crime scenes to document, collect and preserve evidence to assist Investigators, Uniform Patrol and the Solicitors Office in the apprehension and conviction of a suspect. This unit is also responsible for Missing/Runaway cases, maintaining the Sex Offender Registry as well as the A.F.I.S. (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) section. 


Sgt Tony Brown


Deputy Robert Rosenberg


Deputy Angela Nelson


Sex Offender Registry

Master Deputy Victoria Horton - 864-503-4606

Master Deputy Dan Piggins

 Deputy Michelle Black

Forensic Lab

The primary focus of the Forensic Lab at the Sheriff's Office is the testing of suspected controlled substances, or drugs.  The Forensic Lab also performs analysis on fire debris collected  at fire scenes where foul play is suspected.  There are presently 2 chemists in the Forensic Lab and both respond routinely to clandestine labs for processing and evidence collection.  The 2 chemists are both certified through the American Board of Criminalistics. 

Victim Assistance Division

The Victim Assistance Division assists victims of crime and performs highly interactive and assistance duties directly working with victims.  Victim Assistance also serves as a court liaison between victims and prosecution to aid victims in understanding their rights.   Victim Advocates always make sure victims know what their options are as a victim, and assist them with those options such as filing for an Order of Protection, shelter placement, compensation application, etc.   Upon the discretion of a supervisor or investigator, there is also a Victim Advocate on call for violent crimes such as Homicides to aid victims and families with their trauma, and also to advise them of available resources such as counseling.  
Contact numbers are: 

DEBRA FOSTER - 503-4625