Job Description - Deputy Sheriff

Deputy Sheriff / Uniform Patrol

    Under general supervision, exercises responsibilities for the enforcement of state and local laws relating to public safety and welfare.  Exercises independent judgment in dealing with dangerous or unusual situations, exercising safety practices and procedures.  Works under stressful, high risk conditions.  Reports to assigned Sergeant or Lieutenant.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  •     Patrols an assigned district in a patrol car on assignment for the purpose of observing the area for possible criminal activity or other conditions that could endanger public safety, investigating complaints, and enforcing laws; maintains high visibility.

  •     Investigates and reports accidents, dangerous or defective streets, sidewalks, traffic lights, or other hazardous conditions.

  •     Investigates crimes, interviews witnesses, complainants, and victims; and gathers physical evidence and preserves for court; conducts follow up investigations as needed.

  •     Enforces all felony and misdemeanor laws of South Carolina.

  •     Apprehends, arrests and detains criminal suspects and law violators when necessary; follows proper procedures when making arrests.

  •     Serves warrants, summonses, subpoenas, civil and other official papers.

  •     Serves as witness in court and provides evidence in court as required.

  •     Responds to emergency calls, such as robberies, burglaries, kidnappings, assaults and murders; and practices safety procedures in answering and responding to calls.

  •     Checks residential and commercial property for security as requested; checks on Senior Citizens as requested.

  •     Assists motorists in various situations as needed.

  •     Contacts complainants and/or victims of crimes within a reasonable length of time; keeps complainants or victims informed of progress of investigations.

  •     Investigates and reports fires or other related events; keeps bystanders out of danger; safeguards property; and renders first aid in emergency situations.

  •     Prepares, processes, and/or transmits various reports as required.

  •     Records information concerning events that took place during tour of duty, and records such activity in the manner as prescribed by the department.

  •     Maintains weapons and equipment in functional and presentable condition.

  •     Transports mental patients and prisoners to prescribed locations as necessary.

  •     Accounts for and transports evidence coming into custody.

  •     Answers questions asked by the general public, works with juveniles and adults in related matters; refers public to person or agencies which can provide further assistance as required.

  •     Works under stressful, high risk conditions.

  •     Takes decisions at the crime scenes which may be centered around life or death situations; decisions are based on the safest procedures to be followed to ensure safety to individuals involved and fellow officers/members of rescue team.

  •     Performs special projects as directed by the Sheriff.

  •     Watches for wanted or missing person and lost children; administers first aid to the injured in emergency cases; and reports stray animals as necessary,

  •     Attends shift meeting, seminars, and training sessions as required to remain knowledgeable of operations and promote job performance.

  •     Attends required periodic training sessions and seminars; participates in required physical fitness activities.

  •     Maintains required level of proficiency in the use of firearms, and evasive action/driving skills.

  •     Takes active charge in serious or unusual situations.