08/26/2013 - Sheriff's Office Assist Chesnee PD with Burglary Call

Shortly before noon today a deputy assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division of the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office responded to a priority call for assistance from an officer of the Chesnee Police Department in regards to a burglary suspect he was out with. As the deputy approached the scene he saw the Chesnee Police Officer in a standoff with the suspect who was armed with a knife. The suspect attempted to enter a pickup truck in an effort to flee the scene. When the deputy and the officer were successful in preventing him from doing so the suspect continued to the Hot Spot where he entered a sedan that was parked near the gasoline pumps. The keys were in the ignition and the vehicle was unlocked. The deputy and the officer attempted to remove the suspect from the vehicle but were unsuccessful in doing so. The suspect started the vehicle and began to pull away. The deputy was able to remove himself from the vehicle however, the Chesnee police officer was not and was partially in the vehicle as it drove away. The officer was eventually able to free himself from the vehicle. Both of the vehicles did not belong to the suspect.

Responding deputies soon located the suspect vehicle and a series of vehicle pursuits took place before deputies were able to stop the vehicle on Casey Creek Road. After a short foot chase the suspect was taken into custody. The suspect was transported to a local hospital to be checked due to the fact that he had received a Taser shot.

The suspect has been identified as Chad Edward Hollingsworth, 34 years old of Chesnee, South Carolina. Mr. Hollingsworth has a current outstanding bench warrant for his arrest on a Possession of Marijuana charge.