10/08/2018 - Investigators warn of SCAMS involving police impersonators


 There have been multiple scams where the scammers are impersonating law enforcement. The scammers contact a victim claiming they are a law enforcement officer and there is an arrest warrant on the victim. The false arrest warrant could be for a number of different reasons, missing court, jury duty, not paying a fine, communicating with a juvenile on-line and etc. The scammer tells the victim they need to pay a fine immediately or else they will be arrested. The victim is instructed to pay the fine by Green Dot Money Cards, iTune Cards or other pre-paid gift cards. The victims are instructed to give the card numbers over the phone. Sometimes the victims are instructed to go to the local Sheriff’s Office or Police Department to meet with the Officer after the card numbers are given. Once the victims arrive they realize they were the victims of a scam.

Police will never require a fine to be paid over the phone. If there is a real investigation the Officer will ask to meet with you in person and discuss the case but will never demand immediate payment. If there is a legitimate arrest warrant on someone then law enforcement will never ask for payment to dismiss the warrant.

Scammers have impersonated all sorts of law enforcement officers to include local deputy sheriffs, police officers, FBI, Secret Service and IRS agents.

Remember that police officer will never demand immediate payment over the phone. If anyone identifies themselves as a police officer and demands immediate payment then it is a scam. Do not send any money.