10/25/2021 - SCSO Deputy presented Medal of Honor for saving the life of a child

On 7/27/2021 Deputy Coats responded to 247 Stewarts Landing in the Boiling Springs area to assist with a call for patrol involving an 11 year old child who was seen in the lake struggling to stay afloat. Deputy Coats arrived on scene and saw the distress the child was in. Deputy Coats made a quick decision to shed his gear and swam out to the child in the water, bringing him back to the shore safely. Due to his courage and decisiveness, a catastrophic outcome was avoided and the child was returned safely to his family. Deputy Coats acts of heroism and courage exemplify the attributes of a law enforcement officer. Today Sheriff Chuck Wright presented Deputy Coats the SCSO Medal of Honor for his act of heroism. Great job Deputy Coats, the SCSO is proud of you.