5/10/2013 - Spartanburg Man Arrested Following Drug Investigation

This morning Investigators assigned to the Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit along with SWAT team members executed a search warrant at a residence located in the 8600 block of Anchor Street in Spartanburg County. Over the past two months the Narcotics Unit was able to make three purchases of illegal narcotics from the defendant at his residence on Anchor Street. These purchases provided probable cause to seek a search warrant for the residence which was executed this morning. Many times deputies have found that where there are illegal narcotics there is also the possibility of firearms. Therefore, in order to help ensure officer safety this morning the SWAT team was called upon to assist in the execution of the search warrant. In addition to the three outstanding drug charges the defendant, Mr. David Earl Hines, currently faced he will be charged in connection with the additional amounts of illegal narcotics that were located by Investigators during the search of his residence this morning. Mr. Hines is currently in the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center where his bond has been set at $75,000.00. The video and/or audio recordings mentioned in the attached reports are not available for release since they are evidence in pending legal action against Mr. Hines.