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The following persons were booked within the last 72 hours.

DISCLAIMER: SLED classifies certain offenses as reportable/jailable offenses, and requires those offenses to be reported. Some officers choose to issue a Courtesy Summons in lieu of taking an individual into custody. Those offenses must be reported, take note that any person who's photos does not appear, usually means they were issued a Courtesy Summons and not taken into physical custody. 

Chelsea Adams

Jose Angel

Mark Bandini

Theron Barton

Theron Barton

Terrance Beaty

Waymond Belue

Alexandria Bishop

Taylor Boyter

Gwendolyn Brannon

Madison Butts

Michael Canty

Michael Canty

Landon Case

Lidarrell Cheeks

Sharon Collins

Brandy Cooper

Jenise Darwin

Chad Dmitri

Marshall Dukes

Wayne Ernst

Samantha Estep

Sentez Farr

Artemio Florencio Regino

Timothy Foster

Larry Fullenwinder

Benjamin Fuller

Stanley Fuller

Julianne Funk

Kress Furr

Devin Gant

Joshua Gowan

Steve Grayson

Austin Green

David Harig

Clayton Ingle

Travis Inman

Christopher Jones

Ricky Jones

Sasha King

Marie Lambert

Kelvin Landrum

Jesse Linder

James Manigan

Clinton Mathis

Tyrone Mckinney

Racravian Miller

Melody Mize

Maurice Morant

Malcolm Moses

Jonathan Outz

Julian Overton

Jeffrey Page

Zyterrian Penson

Zachary Peterson

Jeanne Phillips

Chandler Roberts

Bonner Ross

Grant Sanders

Rodricca Sanders

Stephanie Sapp

Azim Shabazz

Andre Sims

Andre Sims

Michelle Snelgrove

Richard Thomas

Brandi Thorne

Kyle Turner

Tyler Vichith

Zhatavia Walter

Ericka Walters

Frederick Washington

Dashawn Whetstone

Joshua Travis Whitner

Bryon Williams

Jennifer Williams