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The following persons were booked within the last 72 hours.

DISCLAIMER: SLED classifies certain offenses as reportable/jailable offenses, and requires those offenses to be reported. Some officers choose to issue a Courtesy Summons in lieu of taking an individual into custody. Those offenses must be reported, take note that any person who's photos does not appear, usually means they were issued a Courtesy Summons and not taken into physical custody. 

Martin Allen

Hannah Blackburn

Michael Blocker

Leslie Broome

Keon Brownlee

Hunter Busha

Ritasia Carson

Annery Carter

Tonni Chapman

Frederick Clary

Andrew Compton

Teddy Crane

Tonya Crocker

Payton Deal

Kameron Dogan

Robert Drennen

Alexis Duvall

Van Edwards

Jensen Faile

Christopher Fischer

Jayson Ford

Brian Foster

Charles Foster

Robert Gaines

Timothy Gist

Cynthia Glenn

Melissa Grady

Phillip Grant

Alecia Green

Derek Green

Brooks Haney

Malcolm Hannon

Brandy Henderson

Johnny Howard

David Hughes

James Hunter

Nathaniel Jefferson

Kaliana Johnson

Jillian Jollie

Frankie Jones

Robin Jones

Wright Kamisha

Amy Keller

Kiernan Kershaw

Tina Lanford

Kimberly Lawter

Roger Lee

Wesley Linker

Jamie Makupson

Sherritta Mann

Janice Martin

Shiquinita Massey

Nicole Mazur

Johnkevius Mcbride

Aaron Mccullough

Aaron Mccullough

Nikeeya Mcdowell

Joshua Mckinney

Seville Mckinney

Marlon Mcswain

Robert Means

Kevin Miller

Laura Mills

Matthew Miner

Brandy Moore

David Moore

Myquan Nelson

Odonyo Neutron

Aerial North-thimmes

Nichole Park

Nichole Park

Stephanie Payne

Crystal Peace

John Pearson

Lenorda Porter

Keith Ross

Mayra Santana

Benjamin Seay

Shirley Simmons

Brandon Sims

Frank Smith

James Smith

John Sprouse

Crystal Stafford

Christopher Statom

Clayton Tabor

Tyler Tanner

Caleb Teague

Marcus Thames

James Thompson

Michael Thompson

Joe Turner

Brellyn Wallace

James Ward

Alexis Warden

Stephanie Weathers

Roger Whiteside

Tyrus Woodruff

Stephanie Woody

Patti Yarbrough