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The following persons were booked within the last 72 hours.

DISCLAIMER: SLED classifies certain offenses as reportable/jailable offenses, and requires those offenses to be reported. Some officers choose to issue a Courtesy Summons in lieu of taking an individual into custody. Those offenses must be reported, take note that any person who's photos does not appear, usually means they were issued a Courtesy Summons and not taken into physical custody. 

Tasha Barbare

Kerri Blanchard

Bradley Blanton

Marquis Blassingame

Ralston Brock

David Brown

Cecil Browning

Danyel Clark

Roger Conner

Michael Cook

Stephen Corn

Keith Cox

Jamison Crook

Christopher Crowley

Isaiah Culbreth-wilkins

Russell Donnahoo

Cleason Douglas

Roman Dulgarov

Brian Dunn

Jameson English

Kristen Everett

Tikita Foster

Sonny Fowler

Jeffery Gabona

Kiara Galarza

Jaquata Garrett

Craig Gaudette

James Gist

Rueda Gomez

Benjamin Grant

Zanetta Grant

Leslie Grice

Justin Guibas-mercado

Austin Hays

Robert Hendricks

James Hill

Tayvon Hill

Damein Isham

Kaliana Johnson

Deloris Jollie

Ashley Kneeream

Gary Lane-smith

Carlton Lawson

Ricky Lecroy

Jerry Ledford

Matthew Lucas

Dorian Mallory

Dennis Manzyuk

Amanda Martell

Miguel Martinez

Kamron Mathis

Karl Matthews

Stephanos Miller

Torrey Miller

Maurice Morant

Taquil Nabors

Quanye Nails

Russell Pearson

Jose Poxtanzarate

Domanick Purifie

Austin Rabon

Larosclin Ray

Caleb Reid

Alvin Rice

Daquari Rice

Sierra Robinson

Joshua Ross

Fred Sarratt

Terry Scruggs

Terry Shippy

Marcus Sitton

Christopher Slappy

Jerard Sloan

Terry South

Michael Suddeth

Toby Switzer

Kevin Tate

Michael Thompson

Vernaya Thompson

Christopher Tucker

Jeremy Tucker

Erlin Urbina-antunez

Kevin Washington

Thomas Weir

Destany Whitener

Brittany Williams

Marion Wilson

Youn Zelenskiy