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The following persons were booked within the last 72 hours.

DISCLAIMER: SLED classifies certain offenses as reportable/jailable offenses, and requires those offenses to be reported. Some officers choose to issue a Courtesy Summons in lieu of taking an individual into custody. Those offenses must be reported, take note that any person who's photos does not appear, usually means they were issued a Courtesy Summons and not taken into physical custody. 

Brent Adams

Mikerly Augustinherold

Kenshuan Ballenger

Juan Barcenas

Tyler Barron

Colin Bero

Justin Betts

Mariah Bishop

Anthony Black

David Blevins

Mark Bostic

Mark Bostic

Christopher Bradley

Lisa Brewer

Rembert Brewer

Lisa Brown

Robert Bruce

Joshua Burgess

Marion Cannon

Jessica Cartee

Andrew Coley

Jimmy Dyson

Susanna Elizondo

Bethany Estepp

Jakayla Ferguson

Haley Fleming

Justin Fox

Brandon Gardnerthompson

Nicole Gentry

Christopher Geter

Daniel Gonzalezgarcia

Jimmy Hall

Justin Harris

Trevor Harvey

Robert Haussman

Lewis Henderson

Paul Henderson

Robert Henderson

Pamela Hickson

Gladys Horton

Randy Howarth

Vernon Hudson

Joshua Jones

Melissa Jones

Eldon Keeler

Kelvina Kemp

Michael Knox

Carlton Leach

David Linder

Joseph Martin

Kenneth Maybin

Tiffany Mccarter

Terrance Means

Eric Mullins

Jason Mullis

Charles Nivens

Jacob Page

Joseph Parham

Summer Patton

Cori Pearson

Jamie Pearson

Randall Peeler

Gene Perkins

Keith Ragan

Amanda Raines

Nancy Reynolds

Deanthony Rice

Derek Ridings

Randy Roach

Jamarous Rogers

Tiffany Ruppe

Justin Ryan

Briana Short

Karina Shtyba

Jon Sistare

Robert Smith

Shawn Smith

George Stoudemire

Jeremy Strange

Alisha Templeton

Joseph Thompson

Shaylin Turner

Tony Vatakis

Donnie Watson

Jadarius Wilkins

Brandon Wofford

Venecia Woodruff

Angela Woody

Tierra Young