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The following persons were booked within the last 72 hours.

DISCLAIMER: SLED classifies certain offenses as reportable/jailable offenses, and requires those offenses to be reported. Some officers choose to issue a Courtesy Summons in lieu of taking an individual into custody. Those offenses must be reported, take note that any person who's photos does not appear, usually means they were issued a Courtesy Summons and not taken into physical custody. 

Jessica Allen

Brandez Anderson

Kashaun Banks

Gabriel Bell

Christopher Boone

Joshua Branson

Kourtney Brown

Travis Browning

Kareem Byars

Christopher Byrd

James Camidge

Kendra Campbell

Daniel Carrion

Michael Carter

Brian Cash

Isabel Castillo

Brandi Catasus

Tammy Cochran

Chuck Conner

Christopher Cook

John Cooper

Herman Cummings

Stephen Davis

Levi Diehl

Kevin Dillard

Dawn Disorda

Jai Divittorio

Wayne Dunlap

Donald Epps

Matthew Evans

Greg Everette

Amanda Fisher

Christopher Fortner

Justin Fox

Ramon Garcia Mangual

Karon Garcia-williams

Tracy Garrison

David Geter

Brandon Gifford

Randy Goode

Matthew Gregory

Michaelas Griffin

Tabitha Hand

Marques Haney-johnson

Joshua Helms

William Henry

Tyler Hensley

Tyler Hensley

Jose Herrera

Richard Hill

Thurman Hill

Markeise Hines

Jeremy Hirsch

Johnathan Holcomb

Christin Horton

Nicolas Hyman

Sandino Jackson

Jauznia Jasper

Steven Jones

Virginia Layne

Tredrick Lewis

Jamee Lyles

Wendell Mabry

Jeffery Mack

Malinda Maybank

Brittney Mcfadden

Tyler Mcgraw

Cashyna Middleton

Cashyna Middleton

Kiwana Middleton

Kiwana Middleton

Dana Millwood

James Moore

Clarissa Nesbitt

Robert Oxendine

Jackie Pitts

Juan Plascencia Olivres

Andre Poitevien

Dajuan Prater

Joan Preston

Joshua Price

Michael Rainey

Ellen Reece

Brandon Reeder

Cheyenne Reynolds Schmidt

Gerald Rice

Robert Rowell

Edward Shaffer

Quyshaun Smith

Sotha Som

Nicole Stone

Tadriquez Stringer

Jennifer Tate

Timothy Teal

Raymond Tolliver

Annie Turley

Anthony Twitty

Tyler Twitty-hill

Douglas Underwood

Roderice Wheeler

Mailik White

Brandon Wofford

Tommy Young