Home Detention

The Spartanburg County Detention Facility with the approval of the Spartanburg County Council and the County Administrator entered into an agreement with Sentinel Offender Services and Alcohol Monitoring Systems (SCRAM) to begin a home detention program for certain non-violent offenders committed to the jail by the Courts. Under the terms of the agreement, the presiding Family Court Judge, Circuit Court Judge, Magistrate Court Judge or Municipal Court Judge will stamp the commitment order of anyone committed to the jail on a sentence as to whether the individual is eligible as a candidate for the home detention program. Individuals charged with a crime may also be placed on the program by the courts as a condition of bond while awaiting trial. Once approval has been granted by the court, the jail staff will then further screen the candidate as to the program's eligibility to include but not be limited to the following:

(a) Court approval

(b) Satisfactory background check

(c) Stable, permanent residence inside Spartanburg County

    (While it is preferred for a defendant to live in Spartanburg County for logistical and jurisdictional reasons, with the court's permission a defendant may reside in another county within the boundaries of South Carolina. No out of state defendants are eligible for the jail's program. In the event that a defendant is permitted to live in another S.C. County, the supervising officers will so notify the Law Enforcement Agency in whose jurisdiction the defendant resides and alert them to the same along with a copy of the court's order and a request to assist in monitoring the defendant from time to time)

(d) Current, structured job with proof of employment and verification of employer's approval

(e) Telephone at his/her residence or willingness to install a telephone with no added features

(f) Approval of co-residents

(g) Willingness to absorb costs of program and monitoring services

(h) Other restrictions as applicable

    If an individual fails to meet the established minimum eligibility criteria/requirements for the jail's home detention/electronic monitoring program pursuant to sections 24-13-1540; 24-13-1560; 24-13-1570 and 24-13-1580 of the South Carolina Code Of Laws, and he/she is denied participation in the program by the jail's staff, nothing contained herein precludes or interferes with the court's right to utilize another monitoring service of it's choice.

Following a successful background check, the offender is then released from custody and the Home Detention staff enrolls the offender into the program and installs the monitoring equipment. The Home Detention Staff then monitors the offender until he/she completes the program. At anytime during this period, should the offender violate the program's rules or become non-compliant the jail staff will pick the offender up and return him/her back to the custody of the jail to complete his or her sentence or in the case of a bond the offender will be taken back before the court to determine what action the Judge wishes to take.

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