Inmate Contact - Sending Mail

Email your inmate fast and easy! Effective immediately, The Spartanburg County Detention Facility will allow inbound electronic mail to inmates from friends and family who have established an account with JPay. To establish an account, please visit or click on the logo below.


Friends and family can purchase "stamps" through in order to send electronic messages to inmates.

All mail is electronically scanned by JPay for security issues; then sent to the jail where it is reviewed again prior to being released to the inmate.
Inmates will receive a printed copy of the message during daily mail distribution.

II. All inmates are permitted to send and receive mail via the U.S. Postal Service; however, the jail may restrict or suspend such activity when the inmate's use of the mail poses a security risk and/or violates applicable state or federal laws. Inmate mail is subject to being searched in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.

III. All correspondence must have the inmate's name clearly on the envelope. Letters should be addressed to an inmate as follows:

Sender's name                                                                                                                             Stamp
Sender's street address
Sender's city, state, zip code     

                                                                     Spartanburg County Detention Facility
                                                                     Inmate's Name
                                                                     950 California Avenue
                                                                     Spartanburg, South Carolina 29303-2184

IV. The following items are not permitted to be mailed into the jail:

       Food items
       Books, magazines, newspapers, etc. unless mailed/shipped directly from the publisher and have soft bound cover. The following links will assist you in ordering books from the publisher:
       How to order books from the publisher
       List of publishers by topic as well as by individual publishing companies with link to publisher's                    websites and how to order information
    Cosmetics, toiletries, etc.
    Stationary, envelopes, postage stamps, pencils, pens, etc. (Note: These items are available for purchase  on the jail's canteen. Should an inmate not have sufficient funds to purchase these items, the jail will provide access to such  items 'free' at no cost to the inmate up to two (2) personal letters per week)
    Cash, personal checks, second party checks, traveler's checks, or non-U.S. Postal money orders
    Musical or electronic greeting cards
    Paper clips, staples, rubber bands, stickers, glue, tape, string, or other similar items
    Prepaid phone cards
    Polaroid photographs
    Razor blades, disposable razors, or any item that may be used as a weapon
    Any item declared to be contraband under South Carolina State Law and/or by the jail director

V. Photographs

    Inmates may have up to ten (10) in their possession at any given time
    Photographs or computer generated pictures must be a minimum of 2x3 or no larger than 5x7 in size
    Polaroid photographs are prohibited due to the ability to hide contraband in them
    Nude or suggestive photographs or pictures of friends or spouses are prohibited
    Photographs or pictures that are nude, suggestive or pornographic in nature are prohibited
    Photographs depicting gangs, gang violence, gang tattoos, gang gestures, or gang symbols are prohibited
    Photographs posing a threat to the safety and security of the jail are prohibited

VI. Books, publications, or periodicals - All books, magazines, newspapers, etc. must be mailed/shipped directly from the publisher and have a soft bound cover)

    Anything of a pornographic or sexually explicit nature is prohibited
    Books or materials such as the following that threaten the safety and security of the jail are prohibited:
        Books or materials depicting how to make weapons or explosives
        Books or materials containing maps that may help in an escape
        Books or materials depicting methods of escape
        Books or materials describing procedures for brewing alcohol or manufacturing drugs
        Books or materials that advocate racial, religious, or other forms of hate
        Books or materials that advocate or provide instructions on how to commit crimes
        Books or materials that are gang related