Inmate Contact - Sending Mail

Mailing Address: (please note that Inmate mail will be scanned in and viewed digitally)

Spartanburg County Detention Center

Inmate Name (and name number)

PO Box 9133.

Seminole, FL 33775

Inmates are now able to receive text messages from The rates for text are $1.00 for pictures and .50 per text

All  privileged/ legal mail will be mailed to:

Inmate’s Name

950 California Ave

Spartanburg, SC 29303

Privileged Mail consists of the following:

·         Law Enforcement Officials

·         Court officials

·         Attorneys

·         Legal Representation Groups, ACLU, Prisoner Rights Groups, etc.

·         PREA, Mental Health, or Victims’ Advocates

·         City, County, state or Federal officials. 

Only U.S. Postal Money Orders will be accepted through the mail. If letters or photographs are contained in the envelope, all contents will be returned to sender. Write the inmates name and inmate number on the Money Order.

Books may be purchased by an inmates family, friend, or third party for direct delivery to a identified inmate. Books may be purchased and fulfilled by Amazon or Barnes & Noble ONLY. All books must be in paperback format only.

Prohibited Books are as followed and will be returned to the sender:

·         No Used Books

·         No Hardcover/ Leather Covered Books

·         Books with thread 

·         Books that may pose threat to the safety security, order, and/ or discipline of the facility

·         Sexually oriented material

·         Inflammatory material that could potentially incite disturbance or disorder

·         Materials advocating violence or other illegal actions against staff members, government officials, or other person


Are inmates able to send mail?

Yes. Inmates will still be able to purchase paper and envelopes from commissary however; they must be used for privileged mail only. Postcards will be the only acceptable form of correspondence sent to the general public.

Can inmates keep letters, photos, envelopes, or other mail that was acceptable within the jail before June 1, 2021?

Yes. Inmates will be allowed to keep items (10 total) that were acceptable before the change. The policy will affect incoming and outgoing mail received or sent after June 1, 2021.

How will Privileged Mail be affected?

There will be no change in Privileged Mail.

Privileged Mail refers to mail sent to or received from an attorney or member of the Bar;

correspondence from State or Federal courts; correspondence from any holder of public office; mail

received from the Citizen’s Law Enforcement Review Board (CLERB); internal affairs office;

Sheriff’s Office; state, county or federal corrections officials; mail received from law enforcement

agencies or their designated agents; federal, state or local government agency representative (i.e.

unemployment agency, social services, probation, pardon or parole agency, etc.); and mail received

from legal representative groups or organizations, i.e. ACLU, etc. In order for mail to qualify as

"privileged mail," the envelope must have some identifiable markings or title on it (e.g., Mr. John

Doe, Attorney at Law; Judge Smith, Ms. Jane Doe, Paralegal, etc.).

Does this change how books, newspapers, and magazines are accepted?

No, there is no change