3/15/2012 - Investigators make arrest in hit-and-run Homicide.

Investigators assigned to the Sheriff’s Office Violent Crimes Unit located and took into custody the individual believed to be responsible for running over a man just off of Skylyn Drive. Investigators took Sandy Lynn Westmoreland, 49 years old, into custody as he was walking down the street near his Poole Street home in the Woodruff community. During a interview with Investigators Mr. Westmoreland confessed to running down his friend, Mr. Michael D. Daniels, 53 years old. Mr. Westmoreland told Investigators that he and Mr. Daniels had gotten into an argument earlier last evening while at Mary Black Hospital. Following the argument Mr. Daniels left the parking lot of the hospital walking. Mr. Westmoreland saw Mr. Daniels walking along Skylyn Drive and ran him over with a 1995 Ford Explorer that he was driving. Investigators will ask a Spartanburg County Judge to issue an Arrest Warrant on Mr. Westmoreland charging him with one count of Murder.

Initial Press Release - This morning (Thursday, March 15, 2012) about 10:00 AM Deputies responded to a report of a individual down near 1600 Skylyn Drive. Upon arrival Deputies located an individual lying about 20 feet from the edge of the roadway. Further examination of this person by EMS personnel determined that this person was dead. Investigator with the Sheriff’s Office Violent Crimes Unit as well as Investigators from the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office were called to the scene. Due to the proximity to the roadway the decision was made to also notify the SC Highway Patrol in the event it was determined that this was a pedestrian struck by a vehicle accident. Soon after all parties arrived on the scene the evidence and information gathered indicated that this was an intention act of someone being rundown by a vehicle. Since this was not going to be a traffic accident the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office assumed responsibility of the now Homicide Investigation. The SC Highway Patrol was asked to assist in this investigation by mapping out the crimes scene based upon their expertise in mapping scenes involving motor vehicles.

Investigators have been provided information and have gathered evidence at the scene that has led them to believe they know they type of vehicle used in this crime and the individual that may have been driving it. However, if anyone was on Skylyn Drive last night from 11:00 PM until 9:45 AM this morning and saw anything suspicious in regards to a vehicle off of the roadway we would ask that you call CrimeStoppers at 1.888.CRIME.SC.

The name of the victim is being withheld until notification of next of kin by the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office. The Coroner’s Office will release information about the victim after the notifications have been made. This email contains all the information that I have to release about this ongoing criminal investigation.